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Top 5 Off Road Electric Scooters In 2024

Top 5 Off Road Electric Scooters In 2024

Yes, we do talk about electric vehicles on EV authority. But we are not raising our bar too high not to enjoy some off-road stress-busting outings. Yes, I am talking about the free souls that love doing ollies on their skateboards or going on off-road muddy and rough trips in the forests riding their E-SUVs. But this time, they are taking an off-road electric scooter for a ride.

Off-road electric scooters are fun and enjoyable rides, especially if you live in suburban areas or close to mountains and forests. Owning an off-road electric scooter is like owning a surfing board. Only you are hitting the forests and mountains off-road tracks instead of mounting waves.

Whether you have found some utilities or want just to enjoy the thrill of owning an off-road electric scooter, you landed on the right spot. This article will help you find some of the most insane off-road electric scooters on the market.

1. NAMI Burn E 2 Max

Motor:2 x 1500W base / 8400W peak
Battery:72V 32AH LG, Panasonic,  or Samsung cells (2304 Wh)
Top Speed:60 mph
Range90 miles
Weight Limit:330 lbs / 150 kg
Tires:tubeless 11″
Brakes:dual disc (LOGAN 4-piston full-hydraulic)
Suspension:adjustable front & rear hydraulic coil-shock suspension
Lights:Front, side, & rear lights.
Weight:130 lbs.
Battery Position:The battery is positioned under the board.
Drive:Front & rear wheel drive.

Knowing that an electric scooter is designed, evaluated, and redefined with the customers in mind is fun and heartwarming. The OG Burn E off-road scooter was based on community feedback. The company has taken a customer-driven approach to base this awesome scooter. The Burn E2 is another step ahead in that direction where the riders are satisfied.

What’s more entertaining is that you can adjust your front & rear hydraulic coil-shock suspension. Yes, you can make both off-road and on-road rides based on your preferences. You will cruise at 30 mph just within 4 seconds.  The battery takes 7 to 8 hours to charge. So, if you let it charge overnight, you can hit the road in the morning.

The scooter has 11-inch air-filled tires, and you can take your Nami Burn E2 Max for mountain hiking, off-road trips, or whatever you are planning on. The truth is, it packs a lot of power. So, if you are looking for something for beginners, then this may not be the best off-road E-scooter to get. Also, it does not come under a budget and is only best for people who have been rolling on the street for some time.

The design is phenomenal.Not easy to carry around
Tires are available for both off-road and on-road cruising.A bit tight on the budget.
The range is satisfyingly long.Too good for beginner riders.

2. Wolf King GT Pro 

Motor:2x 2000W base
Battery:72V 35Ah Samsung/ LG
Top Speed:62 mph
Range90 miles
Weight Limit:330 lbs / 150 kg
Tires:11 inches tubeless tires.
Brakes:Rear & front zoom hydraulic brakes
Suspension:front dual hydraulic shocks  or rear dual springs
Lights:Front and rear LED lights
Weight:120 lbs
Battery Position:Under the board
Drive:Front and Rear Wheel Drive

While the NAMI Burn E2 stays at the top as the all-rounder electric scooter, the  Wolf King GT is for raw off-track trips. If you are looking for some rough terrain off-road racing, this is the scooter you should gift yourself. The hydraulic front shock absorbers are of motorcycle grade, so you know what you are dealing with here.

If you are thinking of taking a fun ride on the bumpy roads then this is what you are looking for.  You can hit the crazy top speed of 62 mph and accelerate at an unbelievable speed. Yes, the battery does take a bit longer to charge ( 13 to 15 hours. ), but you can roll a long distance of 144 km.

This off-road electric scooter is a bit on the heavier side and weighs 54 kg. So, if you are thinking of taking it out on public roads, then it might seem like a pushover. But, if off-roading is what you are worried about, then you are looking at the right King you need to swear to.

Great power and top speed.A little heavy to carry around.
Tires are available for off-road and normal roads. 
IPX5 ratings. 

3. Wolf Warrior X

Motor:2x 1100W / 3500W peak
Battery:FST 60V 21Ah (1260 Wh)
Top Speed:44 mph (Street), 41 mph (PRO)
Range40 miles
Weight Limit:265 lbs / 120 kg
Tires:10×3″ street tires.
Brakes:Zoom front & rear hydraulic
Suspension:Front hydraulic and rear spring
Lights:Front, side, and rear LED lights
Weight:95 lbs
Battery Position:Under the board.
Drive:Front & Rear Wheel Drive

If you want something similar to the wolf king GT but cheaper, try out the Wolf Warrior. Both the GT and Warrior X perform almost the same and are one of the best off-road electric scooters available in the market.

The Warrior X might satisfy you if you want the same specs, different battery versions, and a lighter ride for more mobility. It weighs (36 kg), and you can take it on both off-track rides and out in public.

Go for the street version if you want a lighter off-road electric scooter that is almost as good as the Wolf King GT. But, if your pocket permits, go for the more powerful Pro version. Depending on the variants, the Warrior King will take 10-12/14-16  hours to charge. Coming with the best handling and brakes in the electric off-road scooter world, the Warrior X recharges the battery with every single press of the brakes.

The power-to-weight ratio is admirable.The Warrior X weighs 36 kg. It is definitely not the lightest one out there.
It’s a comfortable ride. 
This is probably the most stable electric scooter with a lighter weight. 

4. NAMI Burn E 2

Motor:2 x 1000W base / 5040W peak
Battery:72V 28Ah (2160 Wh)
Top Speed:45 mph
Range90 miles
Weight Limit:330 lbs / 150 kg
Tires:11 inches tubeless tires
Brakes:Dual disc (LOGAN 2-piston full-hydraulic)
Suspension:Adjustable front & rear hydraulic coil-shock suspension
Lights:Front, side, and rear LED lights
Weight:100 lbs
Battery Position:Under the board
Drive:Front & Rear Wheel Drive

While the Burn E2 Max is surely dominating the off-track electric scooter racing arena, the little brother is not far behind. I am talking about the NAMI Burn E2.

You can match your riding style and ride for as long as 145 km riding the NAMI Burn E2. The Dual 1000W/5000W motors are powerful enough to give you a cool off-track ride.

The E2 equips fully hydraulic LOGAN 160-millimetre disc brakes, making them absolutely thrilling joyrides. Most importantly, you will love the fully waterproof display. Users of this off-road electric scooter can adjust their acceleration strength at will. Yes, it does weigh 45 kg and is significantly heavy. But, if you want to ride fast and hard, this is the off-track electric scooter you are getting.

Wave controllers.The brake cable could be longer.
There is a large display, and it is waterproof. 
Offers great comfort and stability. 
IP55 rating 

5. Kaboo Wolf Warrior 11  

Motor:2x 1200W base / 5400W peak
Battery:LG Li-ion 60V 35Ah
Top Speed:50 Mph
Range:70 miles (eco / single drive)
Weight Limit:330 lbs / 150 kg
Tires:11-inch tubeless tires
Brakes:Front & Rear Hydraulic
Suspension:Front side,
Lights:Front, side, and rear LED lights
Weight:101 lbs
Battery Position:Under the board

Here is another off-road electric scooter you can gift to yourself for some thrilling off-track riding. This scooter is called the Wolf Warrior 11. This scooter feels like something straight out of Mad Max movies. You can grind at the  50 mph top speed and cover the 112 km range with the  Li-ion 60V 35Ah battery. This beast-like off-roading e-scooter comes with Fully hydraulic dual Zoom disc brakes. Yes, it also has ABS options.

It has a great suspension system.The scooter is significantly heavy, weighing 45 kg in total.
Both road and off-road tires are available. 
112 km is a pretty long range for a scooter of this price and specifications. 

Bottom Line

Most of the off-road electric scooters mentioned here are for both off-road and everyday rides. But given the rugged and heavy features, I would suggest using these for off-road trips. The NAMI ones might be a little costly on your budget. But Wolf King GT or Warrior X can be worth checking out as more pocket-friendly options. If you were looking for recommendations, these are our top five picks. Please do not hesitate to mention your top five picks. Maybe we will reconsider our list if any better ride comes in the market. Till then, keep rolling and keep reading.

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